Mark Allen

Principle Software Developer (Alert Logic)

Mark has been writing Erlang for 6 years for his employers. Originally quite a skeptic of the joys and benefits of functional programming, now he can't imagine writing large scale software any other way.

Upcoming conferences:

Mark Allen
Code BEAM SF 2019
01 Mar 2019
15.20 - 15.45

Bring your own runtime to AWS Lambda

Serverless has been a useful trend in developing distributed applications.

The first product in this series was Amazon’s “Lambda” infrastructure. For years it was possible to run arbitrary runtimes in Lambda with the help of a trampoline style kit which would refer a request out of a supported Lambda language like Javascript and into Erlang. But now with AWS’s support for their “Bring Your Own Runtime” Lambda program, we announced open source support to bring native Erlang and Elixir runtimes into Lambda.

In this talk we will discuss what features and benefits this offers to application developers and how you can get started developing your own serverless applications using the Erlang and Elixir run times.

Past conferences

Mark Allen
Code BEAM SF 2018
16 Mar 2018
14.30 - 15.15

Spells, Hexes, and Charms: Running your Own Private Package Service

The hex.pm service is a fantastic tool and fills a huge need in the Elixir and Erlang community. But what if you wanted to run your own private package service behind your own firewall? This talk explores what it takes to get up and running a hex-like service both from the server and client sides. In doing so, will allow the same convenient methods to deploy your private code as you use to pull open source code into your projects.


Help users to understand how hex works, and how to enable their organizations to start their own private package repository.


People who are developing Erlang or Elixir code and are looking for a good way to deploy it inside their own organization.