Juan Facorro

Clojure + BEAM = ❤ (Klarna)

After working with ASP, C# and Java for years at the beginning of his professional career, Juan entered the world of functional programming (FP) through Common Lisp. Around that same time, he found Clojure and knew he had found something great.

Whilst at Inaka (the most awesome company he worked for in Buenos Aires) he  startedlearning and building systems in Erlang.

He is now living in Stockholm with his wife, working for Klarna building and maintaining Erlang applications.

Past conferences

Juan Facorro
Code BEAM STO 2018
31 May 2018
10.45 - 11.30

Clojure on the BEAM

Clojure is a powerful language. The BEAM is a powerful virtual machine. Combining the two seemed only logical… thus Clojerl was born.

In this talk, Juan will explain the process of implementing a language on the BEAM. Follow juan as he walks us through the steps to take, explains the challenges this involves and review the results he has achieved. He will also show the reasons why he considers Clojure a powerful language and what does it have to offer the BEAM community.


Language implementation on the BEAM. Share Clojure with the BEAM community.