Ingela Anderton Andin

SW developer in the OTP team. Focused on security protocols

Ingela gained a computer science education from Uppsala University, she has worked with Erlang/OTP and its development for almost 20 years.

Ingela is the top female contributor to Erlang/OTP - New SSL/TLS application in OTP and contributions to AXD 301 and SGSN.

Past conferences

Ingela Anderton Andin
Code BEAM STO 2019
17 May 2019
11.25 - 12.10

Security versus interoperability

This talk is about the security protocol SSL/TLS, with pointers to its implementation in Erlang/OTP. It will for example cover:

  • the advantages with implementing the protocol in Erlang
  • parts that should not be implemented in Erlang (the actual crypto algorithms)
  • new features and optimizations in the OTP ssl implementation.


Erlang and Elixir users with at least some knowledge or experience with secure protocols and SSL/TLS (HTTPS) ( in particular).

Ingela Anderton Andin
Code BEAM STO 2018
31 May 2018
10.45 - 11.30

From the cathedral to the bazaar - 20 years as open source

Erlang/OTP was released Open Source 20 years ago. This talk is about the Open Source journey and how it has impacted, and still impacts, the Erlang/OTP teams way of working.

How do we balance propriety interests of Ericsson with the interests of the Open Source community? Why Open Source is important for the existence of Erlang/OTP! How Open Source contributes to making Erlang/OTP great!