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Code BEAM SF is the only conference in North America to bring all the languages that run on the BEAM together, including Erlang and Elixir.

Learn from 50+ cutting-edge talks and our in-depth training program, how BEAM languages are revolutionising areas like IoT, Blockchain, Fintech, Security, Machine Learning and more.

As of 2018, Code BEAM SF, formerly known as Erlang & Elixir Factory San Francisco, joined the Code Sync family of tech conferences.


Conference, training, and certification places at Code BEAM SF are now available at the standard ticket rate.

50% academic discounts are available to students and academics. Email info at to learn more.

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Introduction to Erlang and Elixir

New to Erlang and/or Elixir? Interested, but don't know quite where to dig in? We've all been there! In this track, you will learn from other's experience, get a sense of the lay of the software ecosystem, get help from the community and contribute back for everyone's benefit.


Erlang and Elixir's popularity is growing but it's not always clear what off-the-shelf software is useful in production quality systems. In this track you will learn what existing production systems' maintainers are using to monitor and test their systems. This track will include the war stories and experience reports of novice and expert users alike.


Every new domain that Erlang and Elixir push into brings a new class of problems and a new class of solutions. In this track, we'll learn from other's experience, where things have been peachy and where they haven't been so much. We'll all walk away with a more clear idea of how to build highly reliable software.


Learn from the leading experts and Erlang committers about new language constructs, VM implementations, and powerful libraries which form the Erlang eco-system. You will learn how many of its features work and how to best use them to write fast and efficient code.


In this track, you will learn from the leading experts and committers about new and leading frameworks such as (but not limited to) Phoenix, MongooseIM, Nerves and RabbitMQ. You will find out how these frameworks work, how to best use them and where not to use them.

Distribution, concurrency, multicore, & functional

Scaling vertically by adding more powerful hardware is a thing of the past. We scaled horizontally, by adding more commodity hardware. With mega-core architectures, we have the choice of adding more hardware, more cores, or both. Erlang style concurrency puts us ahead of the game when it comes to scaling with both approaches.

Our speakers

José Valim

Creator of the Elixir programming language, Director of R&D at Plataformatec


Announcing Broadway

01 Mar / 09.05 / Smells like BEAM spirit

Tyler Bettilyon

Writer, educator, engineer, and founder of Teb's Lab


Are programmers heading towards another bursting bubble?

01 Mar / 17.05 / Smells like BEAM spirit

Renee Orser

VP of Engineering at NS1


Designing an engineering org for SaaS and on-prem delivery models

28 Feb / 09.15 / Smells like BEAM spirit

Miriam Pena

Voted one of the women to watch in tech by Women 2.0

Introducing the Erlang Ecosystem Foundation

28 Feb / 17.45 / Smells like BEAM spirit

BEAM Extreme; Don't try this at home!

01 Mar / 10.35 / Smells like BEAM spirit

Jacqui Manzi

Senior software engineer at Mux

Using OTP: presence to power real-time analytics

01 Mar / 14.30 / The dream BEAM

Fred Hebert

Erlang and Distributed Systems Enthusiast, General Pessimist (Genetec)

Introducing the Erlang Ecosystem Foundation

28 Feb / 17.45 / Smells like BEAM spirit

Operable Erlang and Elixir

28 Feb / 14.40 / Smells like BEAM spirit

Hannah Howard

Programmer and life long iconoclast

Go vs Elixir: A concurrency comparison

01 Mar / 16.15 / Smells like BEAM spirit

Anna Neyzberg

Co-founder of ElixirBridge

Go vs Elixir: A concurrency comparison

01 Mar / 16.15 / Smells like BEAM spirit

Marc Sugiyama

Experienced Erlang engineer, consultant, and trainer

Server-side network protocol

28 Feb / 16.25 / The dream BEAM

Barbara Chassoul

Software Engineer

Applied AI research with StarCraft, Torch and the BEAM

28 Feb / 12.25 / Smells like BEAM spirit

Jean Chassoul

Software designer

Applied AI research with StarCraft, Torch and the BEAM

28 Feb / 12.25 / Smells like BEAM spirit

Veronica Lopez

Sr. Software Engineer

Containers & orchestration: The Elixir way

01 Mar / 12.15 / Smells like BEAM spirit

Brujo Benavides

Erlang Battleground Author and Software Engineer (AdRoll)

OTP behaviours and how to behave around them

28 Feb / 11.35 / Smells like BEAM spirit

Ivy Rogatko

Lead engineer @ The RealReal

Properties for all

01 Mar / 12.15 / May the BEAM be with you

Igors Istocniks

Software engineering manager at WhatsApp

How WhatsApp moved 1.5B users across data centres

01 Mar / 11.25 / Smells like BEAM spirit

Lukas Larsson

Erlang VM core committer

Process signals in OTP 21

28 Feb / 16.25 / Smells like BEAM spirit

Update: OTP team

01 Mar / 09.50 / Smells like BEAM spirit

Richard Carlsson

Author of Eunit and other tools, co-author of Erlang and OTP in Action

The art of the live upgrade - lessons from 10 years of evolving a live system

28 Feb / 10.45 / May the BEAM be with you

James Aimonetti

Systems architect at 2600Hz

Property based testing in Kazoo

28 Feb / 17.15 / Smells like BEAM spirit

Stavros Aronis

Hunter of discrepancies in Erlang code. Developer of parallel Dialyzer and Concuerror

Modeling and verifying distributed applications with Concuerror

01 Mar / 13.40 / Smells like BEAM spirit

Riccardo Binetti

Astarte core team member

Beyond the MQTT broker

28 Feb / 10.45 / The dream BEAM

Robert Carbone

Founder (ScriptCulture)

Composing in style: an introduction to wxErlang's StyledTextCtrl

28 Feb / 15.30 / May the BEAM be with you

Tian Chen

VPE, Technical Writer, Elixir Enthusiast

Create a decentralized database with ExAbci and Tendermint

28 Feb / 16.25 / May the BEAM be with you

Benoit Chesneau

P2P solutions and Database Craftsman

Barrel, keep your data in sync in your Erlang application

01 Mar / 12.15 / The dream BEAM

Sean Cribbs

Staff software engineer at Postmates

Chemanalysis: Dialyzing Elixir

01 Mar / 14.30 / May the BEAM be with you

Ken Cross

Software Engineer at HelloSign

Using Distillery: understanding OTP releases

01 Mar / 16.15 / May the BEAM be with you

Adrian Cruz

Search, discovery and personalization software engineer

Getting results: finding what we need with Elixir

28 Feb / 13.50 / The dream BEAM

Cees de Groot

Principal engineer at PagerDuty, Inc.

Clixir - mixing C and Elixir code

01 Mar / 15.20 / May the BEAM be with you

Keith Elder

Technology evangelist, technologist, software engineer, speaker, trainer, and storyteller

Building a highly scalable service that survived a Super Bowl

01 Mar / 11.25 / The dream BEAM

Andrea Leopardi

Elixir core team member, developer advocate, software architect (

The evolution of a language

28 Feb / 10.45 / Smells like BEAM spirit

Marcin Lewandowski

Partner at Software Mansion

Membrane framework - bringing BEAM into world of multimedia and streaming

28 Feb / 13.50 / May the BEAM be with you

Maxim Fedorov

Software Engineer at WhatsApp

Mid-air airplane repair: troubleshooting at WhatsApp

28 Feb / 13.50 / Smells like BEAM spirit

Jonathan Lima

Software developer at Brex

Building a credit card issuer with Elixir

01 Mar / 16.15 / The dream BEAM

James Fish

Software Engineer (Pinterest)

Update: Elixir core dev team

28 Feb / 10.00 / Smells like BEAM spirit

David Lucia

Platform Software Architect at SimpleBet

Refactoring Elixir for maintainability

28 Feb / 17.15 / The dream BEAM

Jay Nelson

Proselytizes "the Erlang way" for apps in telecoms, electronic payments, secure texting, and ad delivery

Monitoring environment stability with Erlang

28 Feb / 12.25 / May the BEAM be with you

Rodrigo Nonose

Curiosity-driven developer experienced in multiple languages

Microservices with Elixir

28 Feb / 15.30 / The dream BEAM

Matthew Nowack

Senior backend engineer at Discord

ZenMonitor: scaling distributed monitoring at Discord

01 Mar / 10.35 / May the BEAM be with you

Connor Rigby

Embedded systems engineer at Farmbot, Inc

Functional farming with Nerves

28 Feb / 12.25 / The dream BEAM

Jeff Smith

Software engineer at Enbala

Pretty state machine

28 Feb / 11.35 / May the BEAM be with you

Peer Stritzinger

Founding Owner and Managing Director of Peer Stritzinger GmbH

Introducing the Erlang Ecosystem Foundation

28 Feb / 17.45 / Smells like BEAM spirit

Erlang Distribution via UDP combined with Ethernet TSN

01 Mar / 14.30 / Smells like BEAM spirit

Boshan Sun

Software engineer at ArcBlock

Understanding Erlang kernel

28 Feb / 14.40 / May the BEAM be with you

Andrew Thompson

VP Engineering at Helium

Erlang logging for the 21st OTP

01 Mar / 11.25 / May the BEAM be with you

Brian Troutwine

Low-level systems engineer on the Dropbox Performance team. Has thoughts about spacecraft.

Fantastic voyage III: Destination BEAM

28 Feb / 15.30 / Smells like BEAM spirit

Drew Varner

GIAC exploit researcher & advanced penetration tester

FIPS 140-2 in BEAM apps

01 Mar / 15.20 / The dream BEAM